June 25, 2018

Our Words

Words from our Trustee: Pramod Dalmia  -

Cancer as the word spells actually is pronounced as Can + Survive. Kasturi is found in ravel of a deer. It has properties of life giving, fragrance, vigour and vitality. We as Trustees thought founded this NGO Kasturi Foundation with a goal of making a difference and being MAD about it. Today each member of Kasturi is spreading fragrance, vigour, vitality in life of people around in society.

Words from our President: Naina Shah -

Due to lack of awareness and in absence of an organised nationwide cancer screening programme, many people are diagnosed of cancer in the advance stage. Here comes role of Kasturi Foundation, we at Kasturi Foundation emphasise on the need for screening of various types of cancers, because cancer is 100% curable if detected early. So I appeal to all of you to get yourself screened of cancer tests at regular interval and also spread the awareness. Our mission is to make cancer just a zodiac sign.

Words from Dr.Nitin Shah -

Most cancers are preventable. And if you detect them in time most are curable too. This applies more to childhood cancers where we can also give a long life to a child who is cured of his or her cancer. For this we need to create awareness amongst people, inform them of simple measures of healthy life, impress upon them need to carry out preventive health check ups and tests and encourage them to seek medical help to detect and treat cancer in time. Once diagnosed with cancer we need to help the patient and family to cope with cancer medically, financially, psychologically and socially. And that exactly is the motto of Kasturi Foundation, empower the world to Protect, Prevent and Treat cancer early.

Words from Dr. Meghal Sanghavi:

Cancer not just affects the patient but the entire family. It's very important for the society to understand that most cancers are curable and timely intervention and treatment saves lives. At Kasturi Foundation every aspect of cancer care right from creating awareness, early detection, funding treatment and even palliation is supported with care compassion and dignity. It's very important to correctly counsel patient and relatives to  understand that this dreaded disease has a cure and correct precautions, lifestyle changes, regular follow ups and screening can save many lives, it's every treating doctor's duty  to communicate and counsel  the patient and family in detail to help them  understand and fight this disease and win the battle against cancer.