Cancer Detection Camp #10th Feb, 2019

Kasturi Foundation successfully completed it’s CDC in association with Shri Manav Seva Sangh on Sunday, 10th February 2019. We screened 111 participants in all. The camp went of smoothly. The camp was organised free of cost to the participants. 100 participants were sponsored by M/s Sharda Cropchem Limited, of which we screened 97 and 14 participants were sponsored by Passages. Tea to the participants and volunteers was sponsored by Girnar Tea, courtesy Jeeghar L. Karani. Lunch for volunteers and staff was sponsored by Hanuman, courtesy Jeeghar L. Karani. The participants were all very pleased with the organisation of the camp. 4 sessions of awareness lectures were conducted of which Seema Dantara conducted 3. 1 was conducted by Sunila Goel. Thanks to all the members who attended the camp and made it successful.